Independent Consultant Process Security

As independent consultant Ted brings more than 35 years of Shell experience of Process Control and Automation and 3 years as Independent Consultant. Ted has worked in all aspects of the Process Control and Automation world in Shell, with postings in Syria, Brunei, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, the Netherlands and other countries where Shell is active. His experience varies from Operations & Maintenance, through Engineering & Project Management to Standardisation and Leadership.

As formal Shell’s Global Manager of Process Control Security and Architecture (DACA) he has been active in Process Control Security and Architecture over the past decade and is the godfather and driver of Shell’s DACA for which he has created Shell’s first standard on Process Control Security. Shell’s DACA has created a big change in Shell and has lead Shell Control & Automation discipline into a new world of Information Technology.

Ted holds a degree in ‘Measurement & Control’ and was leading a team of more than Shell 25 experts involved in Process Security/PCD OT-Security), C&A Projects, Remote Operations, SIF, Process Control Architecture and Automation.

Ted was also Chairman of the Control Systems Working Group of the WIB, an international group of Instrument and Control & Automation Engineers, who launched eight years ago the first Industry Standard on PCD Security Requirements for Vendors, which was the basis of the new IEC Standard (IEC 62443-2-4, issued 2015). Ted is a recognized specialist in the world of Process Automation and Industrial Safety and OT-Security.