Air Liquide Benelux Industries, Belgium
Expert instrumentation & control systems North Europe & CIS

After finishing his studies at the Higher Technical school Technicum Antwerp, he started working as an instrumentation technician in 1977 for Air Liquide on the ASU (Air Separation Unit) plant, located on the BASF site.

After being consecutive team leader and local expert of the Instrumentation department Hugo joined a start-up team for a new HYCO (Hydrogen/ Carbon monoxide) plant in Antwerp. Since 1985 he worked with various DCS-systems (Rosemount RS3, Invensys I/A system, currently Yokogawa’s DCS/SGS system).

In 2012 he joined the Industrial Direction BENELUX of Air Liquide in Brussels as Instrumentation & control systems Expert. In 2015 he was recognized by Air Liquide as International Expert and was working for the Industrial direction of the North West Europe cluster (BENELUX, UK and Nordics) based in Brussels. In 2020 his working area changed to the NEC-cluster, North Europe and CIS countries (Commonwealth of independent states: Russia, Kazakhstan,..).

As leader of the European Instrumentation CoP (Community of Practice) of Air Liquide he’s gathering best practices of Air Liquide users to share and use this information in practice. As European representative he is member of the Instrumentation CoP in a worldwide group of experts.