Shell Global Solutions B.V.
Program Manager OPAF & DCS of the Future Strategy 

After finishing his degree in Applied Chemical Engineering, Jacco Opmeer worked in several jobs in the instrument-, analyser- and process automation field of expertise, both in projects as well as in asset support.

In the latter part of his career, he broadened his knowledge by working in managerial roles in operations, maintenance and engineering.
Currently he is working in Shell Projects & Technologies on strategical themes like “DCS of the Future”.  Jacco is elected co-chair of the OPAF Business Working Group (BWG), part of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF).  The BWG will promote the adoption and use of OPA standards throughout the industry so that broad, rapid adoption of the standards occurs in a manner that benefits all participants in the industry. Please visit OPAF here.

Jacco is also board member in the Dutch Process Automation End Users committee called WIB. WIB’s mission statement is to facilitate exchange of experience and expertise amongst end-users and with vendors of control and automation systems.  Want to know more?  Please visit WIB here.