Users of products and services from Yokogawa and KBC (A Yokogawa Company) are invited to present at the Yokogawa Europe Users Conference taking place May 27th to May 29th, 2020. Presentations on the applications, concepts, techniques, and best practices used to derive value in plant operations are encouraged.

Through the theme, “Power To Transform,” this event will bring together process, automation, instrumentation, control and optimization professionals to showcase how safer, more reliable, and profitable operations can be achieved through People, Processes and Technology.

The event will focus on five main areas:

  • Measurement solutions for implementation of value-enhancing operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) integration.
  • Control solutions for nimble response to changes in management and operations to establish the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations.
  • Transformation solutions that take a broad view on driving operational excellence throughout the enterprise from production to the supply chain and business management.
  • Lifecycle solutions that sustain and enhance the value to customers over the entire plant lifecycle.
  • Project execution solutions that enable industrial automation and digitalization projects to be delivered in ways that are agile and meet/exceed expectations regarding project schedule, budget, and quality. 

The event registration fee will be waived for accepted abstracts/speakers.


Key industry themes

Energy Transition: Transformation of energy systems from centralized, hydrocarbon generation to decentralized, lower emission generation, transportation, storage and use.

Value Chain Optimization: The agile and efficient alignment of supply of premium products as closely as possible to market demand with sufficient resilience or operational flexibility to readily adjust production and exploit market opportunities.

Value Engineering: The structured processes to ensure capital projects meet or exceed cost and schedule objectives without compromising project quality / performance.

Digitalization: The scalable application of digital technologies and alignment of organizational capabilities that operations should have and master with digital information at the core in order to achieve excellence.

Operational Excellence: The systematic application of technology and services, within a structured change management process guided by proven operational principles, that deliver safe, reliable and profitable operations to assure customers achieve their full potential, sustainably.

Automation: Justifying automation projects/ROI, managing Total Operational Expenditures (TOTEX) and lifecycle/obsolescence and migration considerations to deliver regulatory compliance and business influence.